… melody from drops



When the sky darkens with storm clouds in the early summer evening and the smell of rain smells in the air, stop and listen.
When the drops drum their staccato melody on the windowsill for the first time, only then can you dance.

The first of the four elements - water and its music - became the inspiration for the birth of the light fixture WATER. A playful melody of rain that caresses the arid land and becomes a song without words.

Luxury light fitting Seashell 1 pendant

The SEASHELL 1 luxury light fitting will attract you by its perfect look. Each
detail of this light fitting has been skilfully crafted by the hands of Bohemian glass-makers, treating the surface of the light fitting using old glass-making technology. This was only used in architecture during the Secession period.

​The SEASHELL luxury light fitting will perfectly light up a minimalist style
interior. Its shape will always remind you of the scent of the sea and foaming
of the sea waves.

SEASHELL 1 = pendant

Height: 340 mm
Width: 180 mm
Weight: 3,0 kg
Number of type of light bulbs: 1xLED G9/240 V


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