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Over 25 years’ experience in the field



Personal approach and flexibility


The Seashell design will amaze you with its perfect organic shape based on the shape of a natural seashell. For many this equally symbolises a new beginning and a mystery.

The hand applied gold adds to the authenticity of the crystal work compared to the natural seashell of the chandelier and table lamp made of Bohemian glass. This artistically depicts the iridescent reflection of a real seashell and elegantly decorates the circumference of this original design.

The design of Water was inspired by the beauty and dynamics of water,
without which there would be no life on Earth.

The energy of this unfettered element transferred to a hand-crafted light pendant
made of Czech crystal will breathe life into any interior.

The log is an original design made of unique Bohemian crystal which perfectly copies
a natural piece of wood.

The authentic look of tree bark is formed by a special surface finish which in the period of the secession was used above all in architecture.

Now for the first time it decorates a light fitting and table lamp
from the Crystalion collection