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After the endlessly long Covid period, we were finally able to present the artistry of our master glassworkers abroad this year. At the end of September, we participated in the prestigious FIND- DESIGN FAIR ASIA 2022 international exhibition in Singapore, which is organised by the CzechTrade agency.

This prestigious event was held in Singapore for the first time. It is regularly organised by the United Kingdom as the London Design Fair, but this year was exception in that the venue was Singapore instead of London.

As such, the FIND trade fair (an abbreviation for FURNITURE, INTERIORS & DESIGN) was a prestigious event that followed on from the previous successful years of the London Design Fair.

This international display of design was visited by over 10,000 visitors. More than 250 regional and international product designers and manufacturers of international brands presented their projects there. And we were one of them.

In addition to our existing range of light fittings made of Bohemian crystal, we also presented our new CRYSTALON collection in Singapore.

This collection comprises original designer light fittings, in which a great deal of emphasis is placed on the artistic processing of Bohemian crystal in combination with the flawlessly elaborated detail of the light fitting’s surface.

The basic idea behind the collection is a return to our roots. A return to nature, in which we can find peace and relaxation in today’s fast-moving world.

The main idea behind the presentation at the exhibition was a visualisation of the undersea world through the eyes of Czech glassmakers, which was prepared by the designer Iva Bastlová.The most important item for ELITE BOHEMIA was the SEASHELL light fitting, whose crystal components are shaped like a natural seashell.

Even though the SEASHELLlight fitting has many design variants, we prepared a completely unique variant for the FIND international show. The combination of 16 pendants in the shape of natural seashells and crystal seed bead hangings (representing our classic seashells)gave rise to an original design, which attracted the attention of visitors to the trade show with its appearance and brilliance. It was just a matter of time until a new owner showed up for this unique design.

It did not take long before our SEASHELL light fitting was purchased by a customer from Dubai, who took the piece to his showroom immediately after the end of the exhibition.

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