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Energy from nature

Connections with nature are becoming increasingly important for us in today’s hectic world. Nature helps us relax after a demanding day. We can recharge our lost energy from it.

Often, a short walk in the forest is sufficient to induce calm and balance in us and to reduce our stress.

Our designers have endeavoured to imbue the LOG light fitting with precisely this life-giving energy. That is also why its appearance resembles a log, a piece of natural wood that we may frequently come across on our walks in the forest.

This element has not only come to symbolise an oasis of calm, but also flowing energy. This will become apparent at the moment when your switch the light fitting on and its light fills the entire room.

The LOG light fitting is part of the CRYSTALION collection, which presents original designer light fittings, where a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the artistic working of Bohemian crystal in combination with the flawlessly elaborated design of the light fitting's surface.

The basic idea involves a return to our roots. A return to nature, where we can find peace and rest in today’s hectic world.

The light fitting took approximately one year to develop. A lot of time was initially spent fine-tuning the appearance of the crystal element, all of which was possible using traditional glassmaking technology. Creating a flawlessly organic shape resembling a log was a real challenge for our designers, technologists and experienced master glassmakers.

As soon as the final sketch was approved, the glassmakers started hand creating the first prototype using blowing irons. A glass mould was then made, which further simplified the process.

The knotholes are yet another important part of the overall design. Thanks to them, the entire cast piece evokes a natural piece of wood. Connecting them to the trunk was not simple. Everything had to look natural and they were not allowed to crack over time.

Just like the shape, the light fitting’s surface also underwent extensive development. It was intended to be reminiscent of tree bark. An old technology, which was formerly used exclusively in architecture, was used to achieve this.

The LOG light fitting’s component can be used as both a functional light and a decorative element. This mutual combination gives rise to a wonderful composition which perfectly lights up any area, while also providing it with a designer touch.

The four popular colour variants give it the hallmark of exceptionality. They are crystal, amber, amber gradient and gold, which is adorned with hand applied gold.

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