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The sea within reach…

The seashell’s original appearance has inspired humanity for centuries. For some, it is a symbol of birth, happiness and resurrection, while for others it represents wholesome light. Its inspirational appearance has become the source of many myths which have been preserved to the present. The Ancient Greeks, for example, claimed that the goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born from a shell.

This most remarkable and complicated natural shape has also captivated our designers. They knew that creating a flawless replica of this organic shape out of Czech crystal would be a challenge associated with no small effort, but the desire to overcome their own limitations and demonstrate the skill of Czech glassmakers was much greater.


A special team of experts consisting of designers, master glassmakers, machinists, toolmakers and mould makers was faced with the complicated task of how to come to grips with the entire concept so that the result was perfect.

Just the preparation of the glass mould alone was time demanding. Tens of hours were spent looking for the right way to combine a unique natural shape with the series of technological limitations that are part and parcel of glass production. We created several glass mould variants In order to be able to create a perfect replica of a shell. After half a year of demanding tests and research, we finally managed to create exactly what we needed. A flawless mould with castings that conformed to our ideas.

However, achieving the flawless casting unfortunately did not mean that it was all over. The surface of the crystal component also had to be finished, so that our shell's appearance corresponded to the natural original as much as possible. This also came with many obstacles. The entire team had to be highly circumspect and the correct solution was sometimes sought through trial and error.

At times it took very little, such as the inclusion of an operation, which we had initially thought would have no influence on the final appearance, and everything was different. Instead of a unique surface finish, we were left with flawlessly cast crystal glass, on which unsightly stains appeared. And so it started all over again.

Even though the preparation of the SEASHELL was demanding in all its aspects, we succeeded in creating a flawless basic element from Czech crystal, which is a faithful copy of a superb natural shell, after one year of development.

We have prepared three variants of the basic element for our customers. One is made solely from Czech crystal, while the other consists of an opal/crystal combination. In addition, we have coated the second variant with a layer of gold, which faithfully recalls the iridescent glint of a shell. And the third in the popular colour amber.

Our designers have prepared basic variants of modern lights by combining individual elements and they are available for the customer to order as is.

However, we can also prepare a special light fitting design according to our customer’s wishes, which will be based on the basic crystal elements. Our designers’ visualisations can provide the inspiration for these solutions.

There are truly many combinations. It just depends on the imagination of each of us with regard to how you want to prepare a modern light fitting with a hint of the sea.

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