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Trends inspired by nature

One of the most popular recent interior design trends involves a return to nature. Interiors and accessories are inspired by organic, rounded shapes and crooked lines, which provide the space with fluidity, movement, calm and balance.

Light fitting and lightingdesign are important modern interior components. Their task is no longer simply to light the space.Lighting has truly become an engaging piece of art, which is able to attract attention and create the correct type of atmosphere in a room by means of its appearance.

This increasingly strengthening trend of natural motifs was also at the genesis of the Crystalion collection, whose designs are associated with fundamental natural elements.

Now this range of modern, stylish light fittings has been extended to include further motifs that are also very much associated with nature.

The Holly Leaf, Carnation and Flame crystal components

As the name suggests, the Holly Leaf crystal component is reminiscent of a holly leaf. This popular tree or bush represents luck, love, health and joy to many. That is why its leaves and fruit are often included in interior decorations.

The Carnation is a delicate flower, which symbolises nobility and wealth. Its petals are a flawless example of a wonderful organic shape.

This is also similar with the Flame. If you look into it for a moment, the amount of energy with which it transforms one organic shape into another every second will completely begin to fascinate you.

It was rather complicated to transfer these unique organic shapes into Bohemian crystal of the highest quality during the production of these crystal components. It took the designers and technologists at Elite Bohemia many hours of testing and researching before the final crystal shape came to resemble the natural original as closely as possible.

The crystal variation

As soon as the final shape of each component was finalised, it also became necessary to prepare other colour variants, because contemporary customers like to choose light fittings not only according to their appearance, but also according to the colour that best suits their interior.

Here too, various technological paths were trialled so that the materials used in the individual components went together as well as possible and created a flawless whole that literally delights the eye.

The creation of the basic components was naturally not the end of it all. As soon as the final shapes saw the light of day, our designers also started preparing the first light fitting variations that would constitute a true work of art in any interior. They will be enjoyed by both nature lovers and those who love modern design.

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