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We humbly return to the roots

For nearly a quarter of a century, luxurious crystal light fitting produced by ELITE BOHEMIA bring radiant shine to private residences, concert halls and other spectacular spaces around the world. The people who have devoted their lives to glass and have a wealth of experience with the production of crystal chandeliers were present at the company’s establishment in 1996 and still manage it to this day. One of them is the owner of the company Ing. Josef Chlum.

Ing. Josef Chlum

From the very beginning, the philosophy of the company was based on the tradition of Czech glass industry with an emphasis on the production of traditional pendant chandeliers. By using the skills of Czech glassmakers and the uniqueness of Czech crystal, which became a guarantee of high quality products under the ELITE BOHEMIA brand, the company, in conjunction with maximum customer care, gradually managed to build a permanent position on the market of interior lighting fixtures.

Despite the continued popularity of pendant chandeliers, ELITE BOHEMIA is still looking for a way to bring a fresh wind into the world of traditional interior lighting fixtures. A novelty of this year is the brand new Crystalion collection, which is totally beyond the standard of the company's current production.

The iridescent shine of a pearl mussel, the mystery of an ancient amulet or the warm glow of a burning fireplace ... that's just a tiny fraction of ideas that inspired the creation of a new collection of design chandeliers under the Crystalion brand.


This is a diametrically different category of light fixtures, which clearly belongs to the group of design chandeliers and which will undoubtedly find its admirers. In this collection, the manufacturer, according to the company owner Ing. Josef Chlum, humbly returns to the very essence and nature of the world and, in the actual implementation, uses the extraordinary skills of Czech glassmakers to the maximum possible extent. First of all, he cooperates with one of the most significant glassmakers in the Czech Republic, Mr. Jiří Pačinek.

Ing. Josef Chlum & Jiří Pačinek

Jiří Pačinek began his artistic career at the Chřibská glassworks, one of the longest-operating glassworks in the country. He worked abroad for some time, were he cooperated with prominent figures in the field of art, including the internationally famous architect Mr. Bořek Šípek.

A team of 11 people participated in the development of the new collection, which lasted almost a year and a half from the initial design to the creation of the first nature-inspired design chandeliers. The collection currently consists of three designs: Log, Seashell and Amulet. Each of them offers clients at least five products in several colour variants. For metal parts, there are four metal finishes to choose from - depending on the offer.

Luxusní svítidlo Seashell 1

Every light fitting is given maximum attention, every production process takes its time. For example, the creation of Seashell pendant is one of the most demanding production processes ever.

The shape of the shell is created by hand blowing glass into a special mould, followed by very demanding cutting, grinding and polishing of the glass shape, which can take up to several hours. Before that, it is necessary to allow the glass piece to cool for approximately 24 to 30 hours.

During the individual technological steps, all components must be handled with great care as they are prone to abrasion or possible cracking.

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