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Light fixture WATER

Life for your interior.

Water - one of the most important components on Earth, without which there would be no life. It covers more than 71% of the earth's surface. Almost 97% of this is the seas and oceans.

In nature, it occurs in three states (solid, liquid and gaseous). Each of its forms is charming and inspiring. It is no wonder that the water fascinated our chief designer Mgr. Jitka Chlumová. She has included her artistic elaboration in the collection of Crystalion luminaires, which represents a new and unconventional design of crystal luminaires. She included its artistic processing in a collection called CRYSTALION, which represents a unique and unconventional design of light fixtures.

The main idea of CRYSTALION is to return to the roots. To nature, where in this hectic time we are looking for peace and relaxation.

The ELITE BOHEMIA design team depicts four basic elements of life in an interesting artistic way. Water, air, earth and fire.

These days, a new WATER light fixture is entering the world market. The perfect home accessory that will breathe life into any interior with its light. Just like water does when its droplets fall to the ground.

The development of WATER took a total of 8 months. It was not easy. The goal of the designers was to create a light fixture that captures the beauty, dynamism and life of this unfettered element.

A way was sought to combine the idea of perfect clean water with the beauty and nature of Czech crystal, which often surprises during the realization. Just a little, change the temperature or humidity and only a piece of unsightly glass remains from the expected result.

But this is what we glassmakers know well. We have been working successfully with Czech crystal for 25 years. In the case of the WATER light fixture, however, another difficult thing was solved, without which the light fixture could not work. And that was the lighting itself. The question was, how to light the individual crystal drops to conjure up romantic lighting?

It was necessary to call in experts who used special LED technology to light up the individual pendants in the shape of drops. They used Osram LED technology. Using a modern application, it allows you to remotely control the lighting system according to the current mood or needs.

The moment the light fixture lights up, its beautiful color design brightens up the entire room. The original color, which in each pendant resembles a drop of water in its character, was created by the old glassmaking technique. Under special conditions, pure crystal is colored with colored shards of enamel. Subsequently, air bubbles are added to the whole mixture. Its artistically represent the presence of oxygen in water.

We have prepared the WATER light fixture in four basic designs. Each of them consists of a composition of several hand-made drops of Czech crystal, which are uniquely fastened to steel cables. This style of hanging enabled us to create a faithful atmosphere of summer rain, water geyser or waterfall.

The water itself has many other wonderful variants in nature. We have prepared inspiring visualizations with individual compositions of the WATER light fixture apart from the basic offer. The customer can create another composition of the crystal light fixture himself. We will be happy to prepare his own original light fixture according to his ideas, where individual droplets of high-quality crystal can differ from each other in size, color and arrangement.

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